Vision Guided Robotic

A Vision Guided Robot System is a robot equipped with one or more cameras used as sensors to provide a secondary feedback signal to the robot controller. Camera and software will determine the position of randomly fed products onto a recycling conveyor. The vision system provides the exact location of the components to the robot, which are spread out randomly beneath the camera’s field of view. This information will help robot arms reach to exact position of components and allow gripper pick them from the conveyor belt.
Vision technology is very cost effective in material handling and automated assembly. Our solution can be applied in various scenario such as: random positioned parts picking, inventory organization and management, motion detection, moving-line part tracking and handling, automotive materials handling and assembly.
Vision guided robot system provides more accurate movement to a variable target positions. Robots are highly adaptable and more easily implemented, while dramatically reducing the cost and complexity of fixed tooling. In traditional set up, a new design will require new jigs, tooling and long time for installation. With vision technology, you do not need those expensive equipment when shifting products in the production line. Our solution allows robots to pick a component with minimum pending time of conveyor (or even non-stop conveyor)

BeeVision smart camera model BV-SMVGR-001
Midend smart camera
BeeVision smart camera model BV-SMVGR-002
Highend smart camera