vision inspection

Inspection Solution

Vision inspection is intelligent system which is equipped with cameras and even video and lighting. Vision systems are capable of measuring parts, verifying parts are in the correct position, and recognizing color or shape of parts. Also, vision systems can measure and sort parts at high speeds. Vision software processes images which are captured during the process to collect needed data. Our vision system is equipped with machine learning technology to be intelligent enough to make decisions whether parts’ quality is qualified or not. The result pass/fail will trigger an automated operator to act. These systems can be combined with vision guided robot system in order to pick up fail parts and put them on separated trays for rework or scraps process.
Vision inspection systems can be used in any number of industries in which quality control is necessary. Our solution can be customized to meet the needs of many industries such as: automation, pharmaceuticals, packaging, automotive, food and beverage, semiconductors, electronics, consumer goods.
The benefits of our vision inspection systems include but are not limited to production improvements, increased uptime, and reduction in expenses. Data collected by a vision system can help improve efficiency in manufacturing lines. In addition, the information captured by the vision system can identify problems with the manufacturing line or other function you are examining in an effort to improve efficiency, stop inefficient or ineffective processes, and identify unacceptable products.