Cognex In-Sight SnAPP 2800

Wonder what it’s like to have precision with simplicity? Welcome the new star on the stage of automation manufacturing-Cognex In-Sight SnAPP 2800! In-Sight SnAPP 2800 is designed with simplicity in mind. It allows anyone to automate quality control tasks with ease. Leveraging pre-trained AI, applications can be built, quickly and easily, with no experience needed. Demo video: Add In-Sight SnAPP 2800 to your toolkit and experience the remarkable change

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World Blood Donor Day (14/6): A Small Act, A Big Impact

Every year on June 14th, we commemorate a special event of global significance – World Blood Donor Day. This is not just an occasion to thank altruistic blood donors, but also an opportunity for the entire world to collectively recognize the value of blood donation – a small act with the power to save millions of lives annually. History and Significance World Blood Donor Day was initiated by the World

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Basler Launches New 128MP Area Camera Series: A Breakthrough in Imaging Technology

Basler AG, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of digital imaging solutions, has just announced its new 128MP area camera series. This marks a significant advancement in imaging technology, offering broad and promising applications across various industries. Advanced Technology Behind 128MP Resolution Basler’s new camera series providing an ultra-high resolution of 128 megapixels, enabling the capture of unprecedentedly detailed and sharp images. With fast and efficient data processing capabilities, these

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Cognex Introducing the DataMan 80 Barcode Reader

Cognex ID Products is excited to announce the global release of the DataMan 80 fixedmount reader. The DataMan® 80 series barcode reader is the newest addition to the Cognexfixed-mount barcode portfolio, providing powerful and flexible integrated illumination in an ultracompact reader with single-cable setup. In-stock models of the DM80 are the 6.2mm and 16mmliquid lens models targeting label reading in factory automation and hands-free reading in logistics.

BeeVision Technology Joint Stock Company Makes Strong Impression at the ‘Job Fair’ of Hung Yen University of Technical Education

In the bustling atmosphere of the ‘Job Fair,’ BeeVision made a distinctive impression at Hung Yen University of Technical Education with enthusiastic participation and thorough preparation. This event not only provided students with access to the job market but also served as an opportunity for BeeVision to introduce its professional working environment and career development prospects at the company. BeeVision, with its established reputation in the field of automation and

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BeeVision Technology Joint Stock Company officially becomes the Cognex’s Platinum Partner in Vietnam. This marks a significant milestone for BeeVision, reaffirming its position and credibility in the automation and machine vision industry. With a mission to provide top-notch products and services, BeeVision continuously strives to deliver the most advanced and effective solutions to its customers. Cognex, renowned globally for its machine vision and barcode reading solutions, has chosen BeeVision as

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In-Sight® 2000 series vision sensors combine the power of anIn-Sight vision system with the simplicity and affordability of avision sensor. Ideal for solving error-proofing applications, thesevision sensors set new standards for value, ease of use andflexibility thanks to a powerful combination of proven In-Sightvision tools, simple setup, and a modular design featuringfield-changeable lighting and optics.Together with the In-Sight Explorer™ EasyBuilder® interface,which provides fast, step-by-step application setup, these visionsensors allow even

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Product feature◆Diffuse light come from dome shaped reflector.◆Diffuse reflection shadowless light source.◆Suitable for undulating surfaces,reflective objects. Application◆Surface defect Inspection◆Surface defect Inspection◆Inspection of concave and convex surface defects◆Inspection of arc surface defects◆Metal, glass and other reflective objects surface inspection◆Character recognition of electrical appliance appearance◆Hardware parts edge extraction ◆Line color differentiate◆Wheel hub appearance inspection Contact us for a free consultation to find the best solution for your business. / 84377991435 842466569218 website: Bee.visionlinkedin:


2/3” 25mm 8MP FA LENS FA series Lens are optimized for machine visionlight sources and sensor, with high resolution,excellent image quality, high transmittance andgood stability. Featured with fixed focal length,manual aperture and compact size, it is suitablefor machine vision industry applications and idealfor industrial cameras. Key Features Ultra-high resolution and consistency of image clarity Ultra-low distortion and higher relative illumination Achromatic optical system design, better image performance with color camera.

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Barcode Verifiers

Barcode verifiers grade codes to demonstrate code quality compliance.