Vision Tools

Cognex ‘s patened algorithms slove diverse applications in virtually all manufacturing and logistics industry sectors


Cognex pioneered some of the earliest commercial applications for machine vision with its vision and barcode reading technology. Today, companies around the world rely on Cognex vision tools and technology to guide assembly, automate inspection, and speed production and distribution. Our patented algorithms produce solutions for diverse applications in virtually all manufacturing and logistics industry sectors.

Machine vision tools for pattern matching, identification, and edge detection and inspection



Bead inspection tool

Bead Inspection

A customized inspection tool designed for beads and edges

Edge inspection tools example of pill identified missing piece

Edge Inspection

Locate edges and flaws with InspectEdge and Flexible Flaw Detection

Pattern matching tools

Pattern Matching

High-performance tools find geometric patterns under challenging conditions

Edge detection tools

Edge Detection

Locate edges, features, and measure width with Caliper and LineMax

Histogram 75x75

Histogram Image Processing

Measure thresholds and prepare images for analysis

Measurement 75x75

Measurement Tools

Establish reliable feature-based parameters and thresholds

pile of orange colored bottle caps

Color Tools

Color analysis for measurement, presence/absence, and identification

2d datamatrix code good read


Identification technologies ensure high read rates of 1D and 2D symbols

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