DSMax 3D Laser Displacement Sensor

Fast, high definition vision system for acquiring images and instection very small parts and electronic components in 3D

DSMax 3D Laser Displacement Sensor Features

DSMax is the fastest and highest definition laser line 3D displacement sensor on the market for acquiring images and inspecting products in 3D. It is the only sensor that offers:

  • High scan rates (up to 18 kHz) at full measurement range
  • Maximum resolution images (2,000 profile points)
  • Fast high dynamic range (HDR) image

These features make it the ideal solution for measuring and inspecting very small parts, such as electronic components, which can contain highly reflective or dark features.

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Accurate 3D inspections of small, detailed parts

DSMax concentrates 2,000 profile points within just a 31-mm field of view (FOV). The higher the number of profile points spread across a field of view reveals more details about the part and increases the precision of the 3D image allowing for more accurate 3D inspections.

DSMax - Detailed parts

Short cycle times increase throughput

DSMax acquires high resolution 3D images 5 times faster than other displacement sensors on the market. DSMax uses a high-speed imager, high-speed compressive sensing technology, and the CoaXPress® protocol to achieve up to 18 kHz (full field) scan rates at maximum resolution that reduce cycles times and maximize throughput.

DSMax Speed

Telecentric optics optimize image formation

DSMax is equipped with a telecentric lens which reduces shadows and delivers high-contrast images. It achieves this by directing the laser line straight down on the object reducing the amount of light reflected away from the lens and increasing the light reflected back to the imager. Telecentric optics are ideal for precise measurements, where accuracy, repeatability, and throughput are necessary to solve the application.

DSMax Telecentric

Fast High Dynamic Range (HDR) improves image acquisition

DSMax acquires images with fast HDR reducing noise in the image and improving accuracy. HDR prevents DSMax from being affected by bright or highly reflective features on the part, delivering an optimized image for machine vision inspection.


Model DSMax CX 31 mm Telecentric
Class 2M
Wavelength 520 nm
Laser output 35 mW max.
Laser maximum total power < 40 mW
Scan rate Up to 18 kHz
Profile points 2,000
Linearity ±0.1% of F.S.
X resolution Top: 0.0146 mm
Bottom: 0.0154 mm
Y resolution* 0.015 mm
Z resolution** Top: 0.0025 mm
Bottom: 0.0028 mm
Dimensions 142.7 (L) x 65 (w) x 133.4 (H) mm.
Weight 843 g
Case temperature 0–50 °C
Storage temperature -10–60 °C
Maximum humidity 85% (non-condensing)
Environmental IP67
Power supply requirements Voltage: +24 VDC (11–30 VDC)
Current: 300 mA max
Power: 8 W
Working distance 51.4–62.3 mm
Network communications Coaxial interface implementing the CoaXPress protocol
Shock Up to 50 G
Vibration Up to 2 G (10–500 Hz for 30 min.)
Certifications CE, KCC, FDA (laser); CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 61010-1, UL 61010-1, EN 61010-1; EN 61326-1:2013
Frame grabber trigger Input voltage limits: Trig+ – Trig – = ±24 VDC
Input ON: > 6 VDC
Input OFF: < 2.5 VDC
Frame grabber encoder input Differential: A+/B+: 5-24V (500 kHz max)
A-/B-: Inverted (A+/B+)
Single Ended: A+/B+: 5-24V (500 kHz max) A-/B-: VDC = ½ (A+/B+)
* Size of pixel in Y
** Size of subpixel in Z


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