Telecentric lens

One of the most important hardware component in vision system is lens. This kind of lens are different compare to consumer one.

A telecentric lens is a compound lens that has its entrance or exit pupil at infinity; in the prior case, this produces an orthographic view of the subject. … Such lenses are used in machine vision systems because image magnification is independent of the object’s distance or position in the field of view. This characteristic of telecentric lens help capture non-distorted images which can be use in images processing later to provide more reliable data and calculation. Those calculation result will be fed into suitable actuator controllers later on and give machine ability to take necessary actions in order to do certain task.

To producing telecentric lens, special material and process will be applied to ensure this component can reach to necessary accuracy level. Because of that reason, we recommend you to buy telecentric lens from quality proven brand name. If you wish to change hardware vendors for any purpose, please process new vendor assessment to ensure you can buy at least equivalent equipment from new vendors. Any hardware changing required will come with necessary adjustment on software to ensure combability and reduce down time on production.


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